LineCoast Rewards

We want to spoil our loyal customers, because you were with us in the most difficult times.

Over the past 6 months we've been through a lot, including but not limited to supply chain crises, logistic turmoil and attacks from competitors and scam buyers. But our brand has pulled through and improved our product quality, served more customers and expanded to more markets. We thank you for staying with us, and we believe you deserve extra reward. Here's how it works:

If you made more than 3 orders, you get one T-shirt for free.
If you placed more than 4 orders, you get a free T-shirt AND an accessory item (necklace, ring or hat)
For purchases more than 5 times, we'll ship two T-shirts to you for free

If you have more purchases, please contact our customer service for more gifts.

Note: The number of purchases must be purchased in different time periods, and the choice of the T-shirt is up to you.